Make These Chorizo Fried Eggs and Become a Morning Person


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Make These Chorizo Fried Eggs and Become a Morning Person

The classic Mexican breakfast combo of eggs and chorizo makes it so much easier to leave the duvet cocoon. It's even good for hangovers.
May 5, 2016, 2:00pm

Set out tomorrow's clothes within easy grabbing distance and hide your screeching alarm clock on the top of your wardrobe because it won't change a damn thing: getting up in the morning sucks.

Of course, there are the people who leap straight from their beds into presentable daywear and reformer Pilates classes, but they're probably androids and should therefore not be trusted.


Luckily for us sleep-deprived humans, chef Pablo Salas from Toluca's Amaranta has a way to make exiting the duvet cocoon all but painless—and without the need for an early bedtime. His huevos con chorizo or chorizo fried eggs are a take on the classic Mexican breakfast dish of eggs and chorizo, beefed up with manzano chili salsa and panela cheese.

RECIPE: Chorizo Fried Eggs

Have these loaded tortillas waiting for you in the AM and your snooze button will get a much needed break.

Congrats, you're officially a morning person.