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Chef's Night Out: Marc Vetri of the Vetri Family Restaurant Empire

From Cypriot lamb dumplings to high-end sushi to fresh-made pasta, Marc Vetri shows us some of the best dishes that Philadelphia has to offer.
April 20, 2015, 12:00pm

In this episode of

Chef's Night Out

, Marc Vetri—of the

Vetri family restaurant empire

—takes us out for a night to show us his go-to spots in Philadelphia.

MAKE IT: Marc Vetri's Bucatini with Almond Pesto

The night starts out with Marc and Adam Leonti, his head chef, heading out from Vetri (the restaurant that spawned it all) to hit up Morimoto, where they dine on the best sushi Philadelphia has to offer as head sushi chef Hiroki Fujiyama puts on a dazzling display of knife skills while slicing up the guys their meal.

Hiroki then tags along as they visit their next destination: Kanella, a Greek Cypriot restaurant run by Konstantinos Pitsillides, a Cyprus native whose passion for his home country's cuisine is apparent in his food. The group feasts on lamb dumplings, octopus, and wood pigeon, then takes a quick walk back to Vetri to wind things down. Marc is greeted by some patrons who are classically trained musicians, and offer a private concert to cap the night off. And for our late-night snack, Marc whips up some fresh handmade pasta with pesto to accompany the tunes.