Beyoncé Resurrects Music, Shares Videos for "Love Drought" and "Sandcastles"

It's great that music kept going after ending last night.
February 13, 2017, 4:04pm

Fresh from not winning the actual Grammys (but winning the cultural Grammys and the Grammys in our hearts), Beyoncé not only dropped a song with DJ Khaled but has let loose two more music videos from the fabric of Lemonade. They're for "Love Drought" and "Sandcastles," which if you recall were the songs she played at the Grammys ceremony last night, ruining music for anyone else who made the terrible decision of taking a crack at the thing. We don't make the rules, she does.


You already know how both of these go, so no summary is needed. Just watch the videos below.

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