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The Internet Is Clamoring for These Ham Sandwiches Found in a Dumpster

The frugal users of internet community Oh Yes It’s Free Hong Kong went apeshit over a bunch of expired sandwiches left in a trash heap, and the media followed.
Photo via Flickr user Red Morris

There are few things on this Earth that can whet one's appetite quite like a short jaunt to the urban spa that is a rusted-out dumpster. Empires may rise and fall, but frugal eaters can always catch a whiff of the sickly sweet aroma of a free meal.

According to Ejinsight via the Chinese-language publication Apple Daily, some discriminating diners have been rushing to take advantage of an offer that was made on the "Oh Yes It's Free Hong Kong" Facebook page. The tantalizing goods: a stash of 300 boxes of frozen ham and cheese sandwiches were found on a roadside in Kwai Chung, an urban area that is also the principal cargo handling area in Hong Kong. The eager freebie-seekers were directed to a garbage dump on Kung Um Road.


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A woman by the name of Wong apparently posted the information, and said she made the appetizing (sort of?) discovery driving while past the site, although she did not take any boxes. The Internet quickly lit up. According to Ejinsight, "Netizens left comments on [Wong's] page asking for the location of the 'goodies.'"

And evidently, they eventually found the refuse center—and several hundred expired, half-frozen, ham and cheese sandwiches. According to reports, "Many exchanged views in an on-the-spot food tasting." One commenter posted, "We opened the boxes and the butter tasted just fine. Yummy!"

Apple Daily even sent reporters to the scene. They said, "some packs had been torn open but the food was still frozen."

The refuse center location sounds like it is a font of all kinds of culinary delights. For some reason, "five pallets of frozen whole cured ham, sliced Parma ham, buffalo cheese and yoghurt" were also dumped there. The frozen sandwiches were produced by the Italian brand Ferrarini—is this an Italian festival gone wrong? The Cosa Nostra making an offering? A cross-cultural exchange?

Apparently not. Dead pigs and a large pile of garbage were also found nearby, according to the intrepid Apple Daily reporters.

"As long as it does not stink and turn sour, it should be fine," wrote one commenter.

Health authorities were having none of it. They warned that consuming expired food can lead to serious health problems. But the fine folk of Oh Yes It's Free Hong Kong are not easily scared away.


After all, on this friendly Facebook page, you can find free Tibetan incense, some dude's used hotel card key, an English-language copy of Diary of a Wimpy Vampire, what appears to be a handful of used postal stamps that were ripped from the corners of already sent mail, a whole bunch of mysteriously obtained restaurant receipts, and also this: a slightly used girdle.

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Here's the ad: "Item: girdle, used once or twice, and then placed in the cabinet for some time, has been cleaned but a little yellow, old figure"

Tempted? All you have to do is pay for the shipping.

Unless you'd prefer to hold out for some more expired food near a garbage dump on the side of the road in Hong Kong.