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Porter Ricks Set to Release Their First Album of the Millennium

The long-awaited 'Anguilla Electrica' will arrive via Tresor this summer.
Photo courtesy of Non Event/Flickr.

Renowned dub techno veterans Porter Ricks, a.k.a. Andy Mellwig and Thomas Köner, today announced their first LP since 1999's collaborative album Symbiotics with Techno Animal. Anguilla Electrica will arrive June 9 on Berlin imprint Tresor, and follow the duo's comeback EP Shadow Boat on the label last year.

Mellwig and Köner have also shared the six-track album's lead single "Shoal Beat," a tempestuous track that feels caught between competing centrifugal and centripetal forces. The tune unfurls like a raging negotiation, the tension heightened by a mathematically precise underlying rhythm.


For an introduction to Mellwig and Köner's formative work together, revisit THUMP's bullshitter's guide to dub techno.

Anguilla Electrica will be released on digital, LP, and CD formats.

Anguilla Electrica tracklist:

1. Anguilla Electrica
2. Shoal Beat
3. Prismatic Error
4. Scuba Rondo
5. Port Of Tangency
6. Sandy Ground

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