Canadians Handle Their Weed Better Than Americans, According to This Extremely Accurate Survey
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Canadians Handle Their Weed Better Than Americans, According to This Extremely Accurate Survey

We do more than just Netflix and chill.

Stoner culture has grown up a lot in the past couple of years—so much so that I was forced to write an article about how the term "stoner" is now offensive.

In Canada, we've had a sophisticated black market operating for some time, complete with dispensaries abound and weed-infused dinners created by top chefs. Stateside, Colorado and Washington State both have thriving legal weed scenes. We'll soon have one, too.


But, according to a recent survey by PSB Research and Civilized, an "elevated" cannabis culture site, Americans are a little bit more prone to the couch potato stoner stereotypes than Canadians. The survey polled 1,000 Americans and 600 Canadians aged 21 to 50 plus about their weed habits, and found northern pot users were more outgoing and productive.

When it comes to being active while high, 32 percent of Canadian respondents said they enjoy the outdoors, versus 25 percent of Americans, and 16 percent of Canadians said they work out (!?) compared to 12 percent of Americans.

We are both also lazy, though, as is only right. Americans are more likely than Canadians to "Netflix and chill" (62 percent versus 57 percent). Canadians are more likely to play video games (37 percent versus 32 percent).

A lot of people find they get socially awkward under the influence of cannabis, but Canadians users are less inhibited than their US counterparts, with 52 percent of survey respondents saying they'd been to a bar, club, or concert high in the last month versus 38 percent of Americans.

Canadians are also more likely than Americans to call a friend while high (63 percent versus 57 percent) or text a friend or relative (76 percent compared to 60 percent).

Seventy-three percent of young users in both countries say they like a good comedy when they're baked.

In short, America is still in its high school stoner phase—it is Seth Rogen in Knocked Up while Canada is more of a… Oh wait I can't complete this comparison because there are no productive stoners in pop culture.

The survey has a margin of error of 3 percent.

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