In Shadowy Sketches, an Artist Explores the Language of Myths

New York artist Kat Chamberlin takes her graphite compositions to a higher plane.
April 16, 2017, 11:40am
All images courtesy the artist

Meticulous graphite compositions communicate "the stories we tell to fill vacuums of knowledge due to suppression or trauma," in the works (and words) of Brooklyn artist Kat Chamberlin. In a new collection of drawings, the artist, who was born in Amsterdam and raised in Turkey, dives into the elements that form both a visual lexicon and a depiction of the breakdown of language. The interdisciplinary artist, who works in light installation as well as drawing, describes her latest visuals as a balance between what's present and what is absent, each marked by her use of black and white. She says, "Geometric forms protrude from a landscape by means of erasure. The method of subtraction by erasure speak to an existing absence and a survivalist need to articulate from a flat void."

Given the artist's interest in conspiracy and legends, her work can often be seen tipping a hat to mythological narratives. In "[t]he absence of clear truth" is a space that Chamberlin describes as the breeding ground for myths. Using this concept in her work, negative and positive space thus gives definition to unfamiliar shapes and glyphs.

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To see more artwork from Kat Chamberlin's visit her website, here, and her Instagram, here.


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