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A GIF Reminder of How Positive Plants Can Be

Remember to march for climate change reform this weekend.
Screencaps via GIPHY

Them's the facts, people: the science is overwhelmingly in on both the danger of climate change and humanity's contribution to the problem. Nonetheless, many choose to believe the three percent of the scientific community who doubt climate change for political reasons. This weekend marks the 100th day of the Trump administration, and activists have organized the People's Climate March to raise awareness of the disastrous policies already being put into place.


Here, I've gathered a roster of domestic flora in GIF form as a reminder of how positive an impact even the smallest bits of nature can be. Facts don't change people's minds, and neither will GIFs, but think of these gorgeous green babies when you decide whether or not to show up this weekend. Visit the People's Climate March website to find a ride or a local sister march.

Gifes Con Ensalada

Sasha Katz

Amelie Tour

Motion Addicts

Randy Cano


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