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Institute’s Blitzing Post Punk is Certain to Rattle Some Heads

Listen to ‘Powerstation’, the first track from a new album by the Texas punks.

Austin punks Institute made an immediate impact when they dropped their self-titled demo in 2013. Presenting a sound that recalled Crisis and Crass, with a hardcore Texas punk attitude rather than faux arty post-punk posturing, it hit hard and direct.

Since then, the four-piece have further developed their sound and their latest full length album Subordination, released on Sacred Bones promises to be one of the punk records of 2017. Of course having members who play in Wiccans, Glue, and Back to Back, helps raise the intensity stakes but "Powerstation", the first track from the album, produced by Uniform's Ben Greenberg, is generally about rattling some heads.


As vocalist Moses Brown explains, "Powerstation' is about how the root of all power and control boils down to insecurities that are so trite and sexual in nature. Police, government, masculinity in general — all are power constructs meant to put people down so the people running the show can get laid. It's one of those incredibly detrimental walls that the human species will never get around."

Take a listen below.

'Subordination' is available June 2 on Sacred Bones.

Image: Jane Chardiet