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Ever Spaced Out While (Not) Doing Homework? That's Exactly How This Video Feels

You might already be familiar with Johan Rijpma's mind-bending new short, 'Extrapolate.'
Screencaps via Vimeo

All you need to know about Johan Rijpma's two-minute experimental short, Extrapolate, is that you should watch it with a full screen and as open a mind as chemically possible. The Netherlands-based artist and animator starts with a live-action hand drawing a line graph, then explodes it with melting math concepts and trippy visuals. Somehow he brings it all back to the geometry of the universe and now we think we love math? Or maybe we are math?


We can tell you all about how Rijpma has won awards for his work in France, Romania, and Netherlands, or how he created Extrapolate with support form the Animation Artist in Residency Tokyo 2016. We could summarize his very detailed and thoughtful process, outlined on his website.

Or, we could give you the prompt we give friends with awesome videos like this: just watch it.

See more of Johan Rijpma's work on his website.


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