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If You're Not Smoking Out of a Unicorn Bowl, You're Doing It Wrong

Seattle ceramics artist Katie Marks also makes tiny, smokeable kitten and geode pipes.
All images courtesy Katie Marks, Silver Lining Ceramics

Who here hasn't smoked weed out of some questionable makeshift vessels in their youth? Luckily for our dignity and our lungs, the modern cannabis connoisseur has more options than ever when it comes to choosing how they consume. Though many state legislatures are still pretty square, makers in weed-friendly states are reinventing the lowly bowl, and Seattle ceramics artist Katie Marks has invented the ultimate means of getting high in the form of smokable unicorn, kitten, and geode pipes.


"With the full-on legalization in Washington state, I knew that I wanted to be part of this weed revolution. I want to make pieces that you don't want to hide in a drawer, but instead display proudly in your home. De-stigmatizing marijuana is extremely important to me. It helps so many people, and being able to offer something unique and beautiful to enjoy this popular pastime is, really, the driving force behind why I make them," Marks tells Creators.

Marks's practice isn't exclusively limited to fantastical ceramic bowls, either; she also sells mesmerizing marbled mugs and other pottery on her Etsy site. Each creation is painstakingly hand-molded out of clay and glazed with gold and pastel pigments. The artist has a robust Instagram following and uses her online platform to showcase her process and update customers on new products.

Check out her heart- (and lung-) warming pieces below:

To peruse and purchase Katie Marks's ceramic wares, follow her on Instagram and visit her Etsy page.


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