Take a Deep Breath and Enjoy Peaceful Overhead Beach Photography
Photos publiées avec l'aimable autorisation de Luis Aguilera.


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Take a Deep Breath and Enjoy Peaceful Overhead Beach Photography

Luis Aguilera photographs sunbathers and swimmers with effortless beauty.

Hanging out on the beach, wading, applying sunscreen—all are great attributes of a day at the beach. What is surprising is how all of these individual actions add up on a grander scale? Photographer Luis Aguilera uses a drone camera to capture highly populous beaches. The Venezuelan artist, who went to school in Florida, is mesmerized by the beachside scene and its ocean-adjacent atmosphere.

He says, "I've always been amazed [by] how people are attracted to the water. What I love about [these photographs] is that you can really capture the immensity and power of [the] ocean and how small we are in comparison."


The photographer is revelatory of the advents in technology that continue to change the artistic process. He says, "These type of images weren't possible a few years back, unless you had a helicopter. I try to capture moments that feel authentic and true to the experience of being by the ocean—letting the sounds, sand, and heat take over."

See some of Luis Aguilera's best photographs from his South Beach, Miami series below: