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Johnny Manziel Clears Waivers, Is Now a Free Agent

Oh, it's official, alright.

You could almost argue that this is exactly what Johnny Manziel wanted the whole time: separation. Given his on- and off-field antics all season—if you can reasonably call threatening to kill your own girlfriend an "antic"—he was pushing against something. And today, that something finally broke.

The writing was on the wall well before yesterday, when the Browns waived the quarterback, but nothing became official until today, when those waivers cleared, releasing Manziel out into the world as a free, free-as-a-bird agent, ready to be picked up by any of the NFL's 32 teams. The Browns were unable to trade him, despite the fact that his contract still holds $2.2 million in guarantees.

But since the dead-last NFC Dallas Cowboys—with only two more wins than the Cleveland Browns' dismal two victories—had already declined Manziel twice, the question now is: who's gonna want him? It would take one helluva comeback story. Even for someone who used to be called Johnny Football.