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Peyton Manning Cited In "Hostile Sexual Environment" Title IX Lawsuit

In the wake of documents resurfacing from 2003.
February 14, 2016, 6:50pm

Peyton Manning is cited as one of several athletes who contributed to a "hostile sexual environment" at the University of Tennessee, according to a federal lawsuit filed by six former female students on Tuesday, The Tennessean reports.

Earlier this week, documents from 2003 resurfaced that implicate Manning in not only an incident of sexual harassment, during which Manning allegedly "forcefully maneuvered" his naked genitals onto the head of a female athletic trainer, but a coverup and smear campaign against the trainer, Dr. Jamie Naughright.

The lawsuit states that UT was not only negligent in pursuing similar cases of sexual harassment, but that their policies made students more vulnerable to sexual assault. The lawsuit is linked to Title IX, a federal statute that bans discrimination in federally-funded schools.