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Hobbling Chris Paul is on a Mission

Chris Paul is injured, but balling his ass off. He hit a deep three at the buzzer at the end of the third quarter against the Spurs.

Chris Paul briefly left this incredible game against the Spurs in the first half and was questionable to return with a hamstring strain but, good lord, did he ever come back. He's been obviously hampered by the injury, but he's still managed 23 points and earned all three of these at the buzzer to end the third quarter.

Manu Ginobili, who was shooting three free throws from an absurd three-quarter court heave that the referee actually called, missed his last shot and the Clippers went scrambling for the ball. With about seven seconds left they eventually controlled it and got it to Paul. He hobbled his way up the court just in time to launch a deep three-pointer and (under his breath, most likely) call glass. He was so fired up he even left Blake Griffin hanging for a high five.