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Isaiah Thomas Made the Assist of the Season, No-Look, Behind-the-Head

Scientists are still working on how he got that pass off.

This is simply impossible. I've watched this clip a few times at this point, and there's no moment where Isaiah Thomas looks like he's going to pull off this pass. I tried to grab a still from this to best exemplify what went down, but nothing works. I cycled through as many frames as I could, and nothing indicates that the ball will make it to Jae Crowder—or anyone else for that matter. Thomas is at least triple-teamed, and his whole body looks engulfed in a mass of bodies. But somehow, by some miracle, he slings the pass back behind his head for what is one of the most dumbfounding assists you'll ever witness.


Just take a look at the best still I've got:

It looks like a failed layup at best. Let's try another angle:

Ah, criminy. What the hell is even happening right here? It almost looks like Thomas is afraid of a rebound coming at him. Also no good. Ok, one more try:

OK, well this is… closer? I mean, fuck it, there's no logic to the situation at all. Isaiah Thomas is pulling a solid 21.6 points per game, and a respectable 6.8 assists per game, but there has to be a metric to allow for this assist to be worth at least double. And don't tell me that math wouldn't allow for that. Because physics don't allow for this pass. Just stupefying stuff right here.


In other ridiculous Isaiah assist news, we've stumbled across this mind-melting clip of Seton Hall's Isaiah Whitehead throwing a similar pass last night to that of Thomas. It's a little shorter range, but the elasticity on it is just as baffling. Good day to be friends with someone named Isaiah, I suppose, huh?