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Peyton Manning and Tom Brady Have the Two Longest Runs for Their Teams

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have always been known for their legs.

It's been a strange game today—the Patriots fake iPads stopped working for a little while, Stephen Gostkowski missed an extra point, and Peyton Manning has two touchdown passes—but perhaps the weirdest statistical blip on the day is that, as of right now, both Tom Brady and Manning have their teams' longest runs on the day.

The 2 longest runs of the game so far: Peyton Manning (12), Tom Brady (11).
— Field Yates (@FieldYates) January 24, 2016


Above you can see Manning lumber for a first down on third-and-ten. Below you can see Tom Brady hoof it for a first down in the second quarter, also on third-and-ten.

And if you need a visual expression of just how weird this little quirk is, look no further than Vance Walker's reaction on the sideline to Peyton's 12-yard jaunt.