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Cam’ron Says the UFC Used His Song “Welcome to New York City” Without Permission

Maybe the UFC’s new parent company should have waited before firing so many of the staff.

As most die-hard fans know, the UFC is quick to take pirated footage off of the Internet. All major sports organizations do it, and no matter how annoying it is for that gif you posted on your favorite forum to disappear two days later, copyright lawyers have a job to do… we guess.

In an interesting twist of intellectual property blunders, however, it seems the UFC may be the dirty media-stealing pirate this time.


In a video posted on YouTube today, New York rapper Cam'ron claims that the UFC used one of his songs in the promotional build up to UFC 205.

After complaining about his music being used in a Love & Hip Hop commercial without his permission, the rapper calls out the UFC, explaining that no agreement had been made prior to the use of his music—a pretty serious no-no in the production world.

"Second order of business is Dana White from the UFC. You have been using my song all week to promote the Conor McGregor fight in Madison Square Garden, 'Welcome To New York City' featuring Jay-Z off my album Come Home With Me," he says calmly. "Once again nobody reached out to me.

"I guess, you know, it's nobody's fault because this is the first time both these companies have been doing business with me and someone should have told them how I get down. We will be reaching out tomorrow—me and my lawyer. See you tomorrow."

Seems legit? If true, it makes you wonder if the UFC's new parent company, WME-IMG, fired too many of the prior production team too quickly. But whatever. Cam'ron will get his fee. It's not like they forgot to give him a second belt after making history. Now that was a fuck-up.