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Ezekiel Elliott Taunts, Tackles Fan Who Ran on Field at Pro Bowl

Zeke playfully tackled a fan who ran onto the field at the Pro Bowl, and then raced him to the end zone.

@EzekielElliott @DezBryant got the man running on the field !!
— cøle (@coIenerad) January 30, 2017

Other than having a streak gleefully narrated by Kevin Harlan, no NFL fan has had a more memorable illicit experience than the one who ran on the field at the Pro Bowl on Sunday. Okay, maybe the Bills fan who threw the dildo. But that's it.

Generally fans on the field avoid the players, and this is wise, as players don't want be near some deranged outsider who could very well have a knife or something. There are exceptions, though, like the Browns fan who got too close to James Harrison and ended up getting suplexed for his trouble.

But then, not everyone is as bent on destruction as James Harrison. Some players are more game than others, and perhaps with it being the far less serious atmosphere of the Pro Bowl, Ezekiel Elliott decided playful humiliation was a good alternative to brutality. Zeke raced from the sideline to tackle the runner, only to let him to his feet and race him to the end zone. Elliott was so proud he made sure to show off his alleged defensive prowess on the 'gram, with this caption: "Perfect form tackle! My Pro Bowl wrapped in a nut shell."

Once bested in the end zone race, the fan limply jogged to the end side of the end zone where he surrendered, perhaps thrice humiliated. Still, if you're gonna do a foolish thing, at least you did it memorably.