This story is over 5 years old.

Melbourne – G–20 Protests

November 20, 2006, 2:32pm

A bunch of wealthy bankers and finance ministers from all around the world gathered in Melbs over the weekend to discuss issues like international economic developments, climate change, population and luxury goods shopping and it sparked some of the most ridiculously violent and hilarious (watch this video to the end – trust us)  protests we have seen in years. Before the weekend, the official anti-G-20 summit website shared their "Visions for Creative Dissent" and gave protesters tips on how to breathe properly and how to use peripheral vision during a protest. We're guessing people either didn't read it or just figured 'fuck it' as soon as the action started…

We got our hands on one of the official programs and ironically, all the delegate's spouses were invited to "a boutique shopping experience through the arcades and alleyways of Melbourne" even though most of the city was really inconveniently blocked off for the entire weekend and police were instructed not to let anyone through with the exception of people wanting to shop at any of the high-end designer stores. So, while everyone else had to take the long way round, anyone needing, say, an umbrella from Hermes, was given the green light to go through. We're not saying the protesters were right but you don't got to go rubbing salt in you know?