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April 24, 2009, 11:16pm

Yes, we have just berated people in the general sense for not reading, and now we're gonna say, "Hey, watch this," the exact opposite of what's turned out to be Friday's don't-be-a-fucking-idiot series of PSAs. Hey, watch this. It's a series of videos called "Sentenced to Life" from our wanderer pal

Mark Treise

, aka


, aka boyfriend to

Liza Thorn

of Bridez. Please excuse the dead-ringer likeness shared with the guy from back of that Christmas album and the straggler Dead or Alive fan/1960s Barbie collector on Benadryl vibes... He's a good guy, and his new karaoke hellhole videos are good for a little sip from the cuckoo rave before you really go hit it. (Shit, what am I saying? I just guzzled rum and watched these videos, and it's too nice out to type.) PS: he's playing at San Francisco's Live Art Gallery tonight.