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Vice Fashion - Tokyo Undressed

Photos and styling by Rikki Kasso
May 1, 2007, 12:00am


Rikki Kasso is a 27-year-old American photographer who moved to Tokyo a couple of years ago. He takes photos of pretty Japanese girls in various states of undress and puts them on a blog called Tokyo Undressed. Vice: Hi Rikki Kasso. Who are the girls in this “fashion story”? Rikki Kasso: They’re Saki and Asuka and they’re from within the harem of the Rikki Mouse Club. What’s the Rikki Mouse Club? The cure for isolation. Ooohhkaye. What’s this shoot all about then? It’s at a rural Tokyo love hotel in the mid-afternoon. We paid the 85-year-old toothless woman hidden behind the royal blue stained glass and off we went to room 206. Aren’t love hotels kind of old news? Well no, because where I live they’re opening up new ones every day. The old ones are next to train stations and smell weird but these new ones have a Trump Tower quality. How so? They have these weird retro-futuristic plastic bubbles with beds in them. It was just the design of the room; the theme was something out of an 80s B-movie. Sex is so simple because usually there are only two main components. Having sex in these fantasy settings is a surreal experience. When’s the last time you fucked in a spaceship? Why can’t people fuck at home? Housing is unusually small here and most people live with their parents until their 30s, plus sex is entertainment, so it’s an entertainment venue. We like your Tokyo Undressed blog. What’s that about? It is an iconographic depiction of my fears and fetishes. It is my way of speaking without words. What’s the idea behind it? There are no ideas. Just reality. And the girls all come to you? How’d you do that? I’m still trying to understand that myself.


Paul Frank dress and panties, Still Life hat

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Paul Frank watch

Paul Frank panties

Paul Frank panties