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Vermin Womb's 'Decline' Will Probably Kill Us All

Stream the black/death/grind trio's highly-anticipated new album, and catch them on tour with WAKE and Theories.

Everything Ethan Lee McCarthy​ touches turns to gold—or, rather, as per his preferred musical aesthetic, viscous black slime. On the current Primitive Man and Withered throat/shredder's latest project, he's reunited with bassist Zach Harlan (an old comrade from Keep and Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire), and brought in drummer J. P. Damron to collectively move towards the realization of this latest vision: thoroughly curdled black/death dusted with an infectious strain of grind.


Vermin Womb is a kind of Revenge-meets-Napalm Death-meets-Demilich hybrid that came squalling into being only two years prior to the release of its new full-length debut, Decline, and has already straight-up firebombed the current extreme metal landscape. It's catching all kinds of hype, and (for once) that kind of internet buzz is richly deserved. Decline is one of the nastiest things I've heard all year, and the way the trio smash together roaring metal of death, vengeful black metal, and punishing grind is downright inspired. I get the feeling that they're absolute maniacs live, too—they're midway through an extensive American tour right now, so if you see your city on the below list of dates, don't fuck up.

Out October 28, the album's already available for preorder on various formats via Translation Loss​ (US), Throatruiner​ (EU, vinyl) and cassette (Hibernation Release​ and Sentient Ruin​). What are you waiting for? Stop reading this, and go listen:


10/19 Austin, TX-Lost Well
10/20 El Paso, TX-Sandbox
10/21 Tucson, AZ-Southwest Terror Fest 
10/23 Tijuana, MX-Mods Bar §•
10/24 Long Beach, CA-Black Light §•
10/25 Los Angeles, CA-Complex §•
10/26 Oakland, CA-Golden Bull §•
10/27 San Francisco, CA-SF Eagle §•
10/28 Sacramento, CA-Starlight §•
10/29 Eureka, CA-The Siren's Song Tavern §•
10/30 Eugene, OR-The Boreal §•
10/31 Portland, OR-High Water Mark §•
11/01 Seattle, WA-Highline •
11/02 Boise, ID -Wastelander Studios
11/03 Denver, CO-Mutiny Info Cafe W/ FISTER


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