Watch Christine and the Queens Perform "Tilted" on Jimmy Fallon

Last week she was on the cover of 'Time,' this week she's dancing on Fallon… and to think it was Noisey that bagged her first US interview.
October 14, 2016, 3:32pm

​What can we say? We've got good taste.

Back in early 2015, we premiered Christine and the Queens' video for "Tilted,"​ swiftly followed by some hang time in Austin with the French singer, a.k.a. Héloïse Letissier. At this point she was already a star in Europe, but in the US she was a total unknown—going from playing to thousands and thousands back home to having to cut her teeth and tout her wares in sweatboxes at SXSW. But from the second anyone saw her live, us included, it was instant love. Her shows are theatrical, but inclusive, her vocals always on point, and flanked by her four dancers, their collective choreography was a revelation. With her fluid moves like MJ, Christine and the Queens was totally pop, but 12 steps to left: thoughtful, magnetic, and just really fucking cool. It was a treat to be the first US publication to sing her praises, and tell her story​—involving a formative sojourn in London and some larger than life drag queens.

Eighteen months later she's on the cover of ​Time​ magazine trumpeted as one of the next generation of leaders,​ she's selling out her first US headline tour and last night she performed her career-making song "Tilted"—spotlit and perfect, right down to the half untucked shirt. ​

At this point the 28-year-old has been touring her debut album nonstop for two years. Today she flies to LA to finish the West Coast, then back to the UK and finally to France where she'll have finally have the time and headspace to work on a new second record. Can't. Wait.