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Smerz Release Yet Another Consummate Banger With "Blessed"

The duo follow up their debut track "Because" with another atmospheric waltz towards spiritual nirvana.

Smerz released their debut track "Because" earlier this year, and damn, it arrived so fully formed it was though we had witnessed immaculate conception. The duo are based out in Copenhagen, which seems to be where everything cool exists, so it is only right that their latest track oozes a similar level of smoothness.

"Blessed" is the name of the track. Obviously, with a name like that, it is God level. Building on the consummate​ simplicity of the group's earlier tracks, it's an atmospheric waltz towards spiritual nirvana and ecstasy. It is beautiful. It is the meeting point between blissed out relaxation and arrogant swagger. And it is the first of many tracks to come from the group's debut EP, Okey, released October 14 on Hard Up Records. Listen below then peep the duo's upcoming tour dates.


23 September - Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg

1 October - Waves, Vienna

25 Oct - Pitchfork Avant-Garde, Paris

26 Oct - Corsica Studios, London