PREMIERE: Tennis Becomes Demonic and Extremely Cool for a Minute in Big Wild’s New Video for “Invincible”

How to overcome the robot monster demon in five sets.
December 6, 2016, 5:55pm

Tennis has an unlikely closeness with the 21st Century music video. Look towards Yuck's "

Middle Sea

" in which an older man loses his shit while being torn apart all over the court by a younger competitor; Vampire Weekend's "

Giving Up The Gun

," inevitably more kitschy with its gallery vision of the sport, still showcased many of the same pained facial expressions. And Martin Solveig and Dragonette's video for "


," essentially just a rip of Luke Wilson's backstory in

The Royal Tennenbaums

,  the love/competition friction up as far as it could go.

The affinity makes sense; tennis, a physically taxing one-on-one sport, can push humans to an exasperated purity, right up at the limits of endurance and psychological breakdowns. US Open champion Stan Wawrinka's admission that he tried to hurt himself in order to distract from his anxiety was an eloquent way of highlighting this drama.

All of this leads to Massachusetts-bred electronic wiz kid Big Wild's new video for "Invincible" with iDA HAWK. The track, released back in September, is a bold, dramatic piece of pop, showcasing all of the 25-year-old's tension-building orchestral flourishes behind a dubstep-inflected beat.

The video, premiering on Noisey today, takes the tennis trop and plays with it. A young competitor takes on a hooded robot/monster/demon and sits on the brink of elimination before finding some inner strength and clawing herself back to a glorious victory. Lots of close-up shots of the heroine, plenty of physical and emotional extremes, and plenty of tension. And victory! Sweet victory.

Check it out below and read about the time we got ice cream with Big Wild right here.

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