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Exclusive: Watch Dizzee Rascal Tell the Story of His Lifelong Love for Jungle Music

In this exclusive video from Radar Radio, Dizzee plays records with legendary producer Ray Keith, and goes total fanboy on the scene that made him.
November 16, 2016, 3:52pm

​Dizzee Rascal isn't always the most vocal figure on the scene these days, but when he speaks, we all sit down and listen. There was that time he gave our American friends a history lesson on grime. There was that time he shed some light on gun culture in the London. There was that time, last month, when he played the entirety of Boy in Da Corner, arguably the most important example of how to take sound system culture and turn it into timeless piece of art. So yeah, his appearances are rare but they're valuable.


All of which is to say, he's been saying stuff again, this time for Radio Radio​. In an exclusive video, which we're premiering below, the grime forefather hangs out in the booth with legendary DJ and record producer Ray Keith​ to play some old jungle records, get misty-eyed about the area he grew up in, and tell the story of how he started out as a jungle DJ.

"I was just around on the estate – just a kid – but I loved to listen to pirate stations," Dizzee tells Ray when they started talking about his introduction to jungle. "Everyone used to come to my house, I had the set up in my bedroom, and everyone used to MC. Eventually, I started getting on the mic and spitting as well… I feel blessed that I was raised in the area I was raised in."

Watch the whole video below:

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