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Space Out with Against Me!'s One-Take Video for "Crash"

Featuring kickass LED lights, lasers, and KISS makeup.

Against Me!'s forthcoming album, Shape Shift with Me, is largely about adapting to life as a new person. The band takes that sense of feeling like an alien to the extreme in the spacey setting for their video for "Crash." Shot in one spinning, incredibly disorienting take, the video features blinking LED lights, lasers, and KISS makeup. Watch guitarist James Bowman do battle with the forces of space evil by using the power of rock, and frontwoman Laura Jane Grace circle the camera barefoot until you are dizzy.

Shape Shift with Me, the follow-up to their groundbreaking album Transgender Dysphoria Blues, is out on September 16. Grace's memoir, TRANNY, which was co-written with Noisey editor Dan Ozzi, is out on November 15 from Hachette Books, and, in our completely, totally 100 percent unbiased opinion, may be the greatest piece of literature ever put on paper (or e-book!).