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A Bunch of Drunk German Ladies Mistook Some Real Cops for Strippers

The police officers reportedly made "several attempts" to explain that they were in fact actual cops, but were unsuccessful.
Photo via Flickr users Vito Fun and Elvert Barnes

When two police officers showed up to a particularly rambunctious 50th birthday bash last Sunday night in Bendorf, Germany, the crowd did the only logical thing and assumed that the cops were actually strippers there to give them a show, NBC News reports.

The pair of apparentlyMagic Mike–looking officers made "several attempts" to explain to "approximately ten tipsy women" that they were, in fact, actual police and they'd been called for a noise complaint, according to a police statement.

None of the partiers bought it, though. The group of women were thrilled and reportedly attempted to take photos with the uniformed cops. In a last-ditch effort to follow procedure, the officers asked for the phone number of the woman who's birthday it was—a move that, in retrospect, probably added more fuel to the fire. The excitement, the police later said, was "sky high."

It wasn't until the middle-age partiers spotted the police car parked outside that they realized their mistake. They finally turned down the music, and the officers took the whole thing in "good humor," since there are probably worse things than being mistaken for hot cops.

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