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At Least You Aren't the Guy Who Got Stuck Next to This Exploding Sewage Truck

Sure, life is hard, and everybody's got issues, but it's important to maintain perspective.
August 10, 2016, 1:30pm

Sometimes you're en route for a nice vacation and you end up stranded in the airport, or you head to Walmart and accidentally stumble into a clandestine meth lab, or you suffer through hours and hours of volunteer time just to realize that you feel just as bad about life as when you started. We've all been there.

But at least we, collectively, can take some small solace in the fact that—no matter how bad things can get out there—we aren't the guy who got his car completely drenched in poop when a sewage truck exploded next to him.

Video of the shitsplosion, filmed from another car's dash cam, begins with the sewage truck casually pulling up to a red light at an intersection. Everything looks normal on the surface, though the noxious gases are already gurgling up inside the mobile metal poop canister, pressure rising to an explosive level.

And explode it does—all over the taxi cab parked behind it, all over the driver's side window of the public bus to the truck's right. But the car that really takes the brunt of the mess is a clean, unsuspecting SUV, idling to the truck's left.

Afterward, as the streets run brown with the foul liquid pouring from the truck's sides, you can see the SUV's driver helplessly tap their brakes, unsure of what to do, knowing that no course of action will possibly undo the terrible string of circumstances that brought them to this street at this time, next to a festering poop bomb of a truck.

Sure, life is hard, and everybody's got issues, but it's important to maintain perspective. As bad as it can be, at least you aren't the guy who just got his newly-leased Lexus drenched in a geyser of shit. That's something.

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