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New Poll Has Clinton Tied with Trump After Her Email Scandal

The FBI may not recommend an indictment following Clinton's email scandal, but the whole thing has definitely hurt her standing with the American people.

Hillary Clinton dodged criminal charges this month after FBI director James B. Comey recommended that she not be indicted over her private emails, but his opinion that she operated with "extreme carelessness" really damaged her credibility with voters, the New York Times reports.

Clinton has now lost her 6-point percentage lead over Donald Trump, according to a poll from CBS and the New York Times—the two are now tied with 40 percent of support from voters. The percentage of voters who think that Clinton is untrustworthy has also grown 5 percentage points since the FBI's findings were released, up to a whopping 67 percent.

Donald Trump's approval ratings, on the other hand, have improved, beginning at 26 percent at the start of July and now sitting at 30 percent. That's despite his campaign's financial situation, claims of business fraud, shadiness about his tax returns, anti-Semitic tweets, disparaging comments about minorities, and utter lack of any basic political experience.

Those numbers are bound to fluctuate in the next month, thanks to both parties' national conventions—the RNC next week in Cleveland and the DNC the following week in Philadelphia. But even now with Bernie Sanders onboard and the support of President Obama and Joe Biden, Clinton will have to work to win the nation's trust, a feat she's been trying to accomplish since she announced her presidential bid last year.

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