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'Arrested Development' Actress Alia Shawkat Told Us About Her Awkward Hollywood Hookup

Shawkat told us about the time she went to a birthday party and ended up getting shaved by a famous actor for our new animated VICELAND series, 'Party Legends.'

On Thursday, July 7, VICELAND rolled out an all new show from Lance Bangs called Party Legends. For the series, we got a bunch of celebrities to tell us their most candid and absurd party memories involving drinking, drugs, and destruction, and then animated them for your viewing pleasure.

On the first episode, we talked to Arrested Development actress Alia Shawkat about the time she went to a birthday party in Hollywood for a charming actor—who will remain nameless—and ended up getting some impromptu pubic hair removal.

Check out the clip above, and make sure to tune in for more episodes of Party Legends every Thursday at 10:30 PM on VICELAND.