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Something Is Happening In These New 'Game of Thrones' Photos, I Just Don't Know What

Check out new photos from everyone's favorite show about people in costumes deciding to kill each other... or not!
June 1, 2016, 7:00pm

Is there anything more exciting than a new episode of Game of Thrones? How about some photos that make us think about a new episode?! The characters in the photos don't talk or fight or have sex with one another—that's not how photos work—but it's them, your favorites, in some heretofore unseen context. Which ones will talk to one another? Which ones will have sex? Which ones will kill one another? How about all three at once? Find out by tuning into Game, which will be on TV until it stops!


If you can't wait for the images to appear on your screen, here are the photos that HBO has shared for fans of Thrones to enjoy. I hope they give you pleasure, and you know what's happening in them, because I don't:

Photo by Helen Sloan /HBO

Who's this armored-up hottie roaming what I assume is the woods or something with an entourage of other medieval-type dudes? Answer: an actor, and maybe one of the main ones!

Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO

If I had to guess, I'd say this guy is being like, "Whoa, hey, please bald man don't kill me," and the bald man is about to be all, "No!" Then he kills him. Then the dead guy comes back! Game of Thrones!

Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO

It kinda looks like that guy in the background is holding some kind of futuristic gun, but it's actually just a sword because Thrones takes place in the past, not the future (I think?!).

Photo via Helen Sloan/HBO

Is that one of the Thrones the Game is about? If so, I'd say this lady is about to win… or lose!

Photo courtesy of HBO

Whoa, is that a giant? Or just a statue? Either way, pretty cool.

Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO

But the show isn't all giants and fancy chairs. There's also hugging and nuns! Tune in and check this great action out.

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