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Someone Lost This Wallet Made of Money

Wallets are great, but why not take out the middleman and just tape dollars together?
Photo via Colorado Springs Police Department's Facebook

While some police departments are spending their time using Pokémon Go to lure criminals into the station or helping out with elaborate marriage proposals, cops in Colorado Springs are very earnestly trying to locate the owner of a wallet made entirely out of $1 bills, so they can return it.

In a Facebook post from the Colorado Springs Police Department, authorities have posted a desperate call for help after a good samaritan brought the "very unusual wallet" into the station. It also included two photos of the makeshift wallet—basically a geometric collage of Washingtons and Scotch tape—in case you aren't sure if this is your particular dollar bill wallet or someone else's.

From the photos, the wallet appears to have some kind of note or business cards inside of it like some sort of dollar bill burrito, but apparently no ID, so the Stetson Hills Division has called on the public for help getting it back into the right hands.

If this is your wallet and you desperately want your $12 in taped-together bills back, just hit up the Colorado Springs PD on Facebook. We'd also love some answers. Is this some kind of savings scheme?

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