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Do the People of Uxbridge Actually Like Boris Johnson?

"He’s a big, chunky guy, but he’s a nice guy."

There's a lot of speculation at the moment as to whether London Mayor Boris Johnson will stand as an MP for Uxbridge in West London at the next election, after current MP Sir John Randall announced he was stepping down. Boris has kept schtum about it. Local Tories said things about being "over the moon" at the prospect, but a load of Conservatives liking a prominent Tory doesn't really tell us much. I headed to Uxbridge to ask people whether Boris is a legend or a wanker.


Mason and Ross

VICE: So what do you think about Boris Johnson potentially being your local MP?
Ross: I think it’ll bring laughter to the community.

So you’re a fan?
Yeah he’s hilarious, I love him.

Because he’s like “ra ra ra”, and his hair too! He’s just really outspoken.
Mason: He has so many random quotes.

What are you favourite Boris moments?
Ross: What’s that one on Russell Howard’s big news? Where he goes….I can’t remember. I like the one quote when he says "Inspire a generation", though.

Do you know much about your current MP, John Randall?
No, I didn’t even know who he was until you told me.

Well he’s been the MP in this constituency for 17 years.
Has he? Well, I think his time has a passed if he’s been here that long!

Do you think Boris can handle being Mayor and MP at the same time?
Yeah, Boris can do anything! He could be Batman, couldn’t he?


What do you think about Boris?
Stewart: I think he comes across as a very humorous and happy go lucky but I don’t trust him.

Why don't you trust him?
Well he stated quickly publicly that none of the ticket offices would close and they’re all being closed which is quite an inconvenience for people who don’t have oyster cards. He also made some promises about the council tax, but hasn’t really impacted on me, but from what I understand he hasn’t really delivered. He hasn’t been honest about fare rises, either.

Do you think he could juggle being Mayor and MP at the same time?
Well he seems to do a lot of things! He’s mayor, he writes his column, he might be an MP. I think he’s more about Boris being in the focus than Boris doing the job. Can you do that many jobs thoroughly? Maybe he’s such a clever man that he can, but I know I couldn’t.


Shelley Goodall, 44, Debenhams employee

What about Boris then?
I like him! I’d vote for him. If Boris gets in then yeah.

Why do you like him?
I just think he’s quite quirky, he’s honest and he does try to do the best for the London people.

Do you think he’s come through on his promises?
Yeah he has on a few of them but I think he bites off more than he can chew but he physically can’t. Everyone needs to remember that he is human at the end of the day.

Stefan, Barber (pictured right)

What do you think about Boris potentially being your local MP?
I think it would be alright, he’s quite a good guy actually. He has popped in a couple of times.

Just on the campaign trail to say hello, he seems like a nice guy. He’s a big chunky, guy, but he’s a nice guy.

Do you reckon Boris could be up to the job?
Yeah, there’s not much to do around here really! It runs itself.


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