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A Fist in the Face of God presents... Live Evil Mix MMXI

A mix featuring bands who are playing this weekend's Live Evil festival.

Yes folks, it is finally that time again – the return of Live Evil. In case you don't already know, Live Evil is a two-day metal festival held at the Camden Underworld showcasing bands from AFITFOG mixmaker Fenriz' Band Of The Week blog picks. The festival is in its second year and has again managed to come up with a hellwarming line-up, featuring many past AFITFOG interviewees. Some of the bands are relatively unknown, so, like last year, I decided to do a mix for your listening pleasure. The bands appear in the same order they will at the festival. Mirrorworld!


Here are some words from festival organisers Mark Lewis and Marek Steven:

"So the plans are finished, the t-shirts and zines are printed and the bands are getting on their planes. The EVIL stress that is organising a festival is nearly over. Soon we will get to see some of the best metal in the world rip The Underworld to shreds.

"None of this is possible without Fenriz and all the bands and friends who help us each year. Using the Darkthrone 'Band of the Week' choices as the basis of this is such a great levellerwe're guaranteed only the best, no-bullshit metal. You can't fake it! Fenriz listens to more music than anyone, and it's his integrity and taste that are the key factors.

"So a massive thanks to all the bands who agreed to play Live Evil 2011 and to Dylan for the mix. We strongly advise you to check out these classic and new bands…

"And there are still a few tickets left so get a taste of the best heavy music in the world at the weekend, all are welcome. It will be the best weekend of metal in the UK for 20 years! No shit!

"To international underground… "Destroy their modern metal and bang your fucking heads!"

Thanks, Mark and Marek!


1. Age Of Taurus (England) - "Unto the Hour of the Dead" (2010)
2. Witchgrave (Sweden) - "Satanic Slut" (2010)
3. Maim (Sweden) - "Evil Smell of Death" (2011)
4. Ravens Creed (England) - "Stampede of Skeletons" (2011)
5. Em Ruínas (Brazil) - "Morbid Pits" (2010)
6. Jaguar (England) - "Stormchild" (1981)
7. In Solitude (Sweden) - "Witches Sabbath" (2008)
8. Pagan Altar (England) - "The Lords of Hypocrisy" (2004)
9. Revenge (Greece) - "Jesus on the Cross" (2008)
10. Cruel Force (Germany) - "Forces of Hades" (2010)
11. Black Magic (Norway) - "Voodoo Curse" (2009)
12. Morbus Chron (Sweden) - "Deformtion of the Dark Matter" (2011)
13. Bunker 66 (Italy) - "Metal Redentor" (2010)
14. Antichrist (Sweden) - "Victims of the Blade" (2011)
15. Elixir (England) - "Treachery (Ride Like the Wind)" (1985)
16. Aura Noir (Norway) - "Sulphur Void" (2005) DOWNLOAD: LIVE EVIL MIX 2011


Thanks to Fenriz for all his dedication keeping Band Of The Week/ underground metal alive, to both Marek And Mark for all their hard work organising everything, to all the bands for playing, and to Marek for helping me out with five of the tracks for the mix.

And don't forget the pre-show at our very own Old Blue Last…