Behind the Scenes at Miss Nude Australia
All photos by Ben McGee


This story is over 5 years old.


Behind the Scenes at Miss Nude Australia

It's like Miss Universe, but with more flesh and better dancing.

It takes a lot of work to be an exotic dancer. You have to look good, dance well, conjure some amount of sexiness, and keep it up for hours on end. And sure, you get paid, but it's understandable you might sometimes want a bit more credit than what's offered from the dudes leering at you from two feet away.

This is the reasoning behind the Miss Nude Australia contest. Since 1991 it's been held across several venues, currently at Adelaide's Crazy Horse Revue, as a way for contestants to show off their skills. Think of it as Miss Universe, but with slightly more skin and way better dancing.


Ben's Miss Nude Australia photos are on show at Sydney's Tap Gallery from May 6 to 16.