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Tune in to VICE's New Radio Show on Apple Music's BEATS1

Explore the world of VICE with our radio show on Beats1, airing at 10 AM and 9 PM EST.
July 26, 2015, 3:50pm

Hey, we heard you like music. You should tune in to VICE on BEATS1, featuring talk segments and fresh tracks inspired by the world of VICE, at 10 AM and 9 PM EST.

This week on VICE on BEATS1, we're exploring the music of Noisey Jamaica with host Walshy Fire of Major Lazer. We also sit down with legendary music mogul Paul Rosenberg to talk about the creation of the Southpaw soundtrack with Eminem. Tune in for hits from Sleater Kinney, Tame Impala, Jesse Royal, and more.

If you're into that kind of thing, here's the track list:

Sleater Kinney - "A New Wave"
Future - "I Serve the Base"
Tame Impala - "New Person, Same Old Mistakes"
Misfits - "Skull"
Tarantula Deadly Cargo - "Sleaford Mods"
Mudhoney - "Touch Me I'm Sick"
Barrence Whitfield and The Savages - "The Claw"
Tory Lanez - "Diego"
Against Me - "Transgender Dysphoria Blues" (LIVE)
Popcaan - "Cool It"
Chronixxx - "Here Comes Trouble"
Jesse Royal - "Royally Speaking"
The Weeknd - "Wicked Games"
Action Bronson & Joey Bada$$ - "What About The Rest of Us"
Prhyme - "Mode (ft Logic)"

Cool. Tune in.