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Watch the 'VICE' Episode About the Grave Robbers Looting Egypt's Archaeological Heritage

In this episode from the third season of VICE's HBO show, we investigate the surge in the looting of antiquities after the Arab Spring. Then we check out the "rent a white guy" trend in China.

In anticipation of the upcoming fourth season of our HBO show which will premiere this February, we are releasing all of season three for free online. Watch all the episodes here, and don't miss the premiere of season four on Friday, February 5 at 11 PM on HBO.

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, countries in the Middle East have seen a surge in the looting of antiquities. In Egypt alone, an estimated $3 billion dollars worth of artifacts have been plundered. Looters have broken into museums and left thousands of empty pits, all to feed the demand for antiquities around the world—especially demand from the United States.

In this episode from season three of VICE's HBO show, which originally aired on May 1, 2015, Gianna Toboni went to Egypt to meet some of the people behind the black market trade as well as those trying to preserve what's left of the country's archeological heritage.

Then Thomas Morton headed to China to check out the trend among that country's elite of hiring white males for menial jobs as a status symbol, and what it takes to actually apply.