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Watch Shane Smith Debrief Our New HBO Episode About Climate Change

Shane sat down to reflect on his time in the Antarctic, viewing the effects of climate change first-hand.

The third season of VICE on HBO just debuted with a report about the devastating effects of climate change. In the premiere episode, Shane Smith took us from the melting glaciers in Antarctica to the climate change deniers' conference to the decision makers at the United Nations and finally face-to-face with Vice President Joe Biden. It's a pretty sobering look at the irreversible changes facing our world today, and Shane saw the effects first-hand. Recently, he sat down to debrief on the recent episode and reflect on his time in the Antarctic. Check it out above.

If you—like us—want to help put the brakes on global warming, or just want to learn more about what you saw in tonight's episode, check out these groups and get involved: Climate Central, Bangladesh Center for Advanced Studies, Environmental Defense Fund, National Science Foundation, Ralph J. and Carol M. Cierone Endowed Chair and Fellowship Fund in Earth System Science, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

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