Watch Two Sneak Peeks from This Week's 'VICE' on HBO Episode


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Watch Two Sneak Peeks from This Week's 'VICE' on HBO Episode

First, we investigate antibiotic-resistant superviruses and the scientists racing to combat them. Then, we head to Indonesia, to see how our culture's love of palm oil is wreaking havoc on the Indonesian jungles and indigenous populations.

Our third season of VICE is currently airing Fridays on HBO, and we've got two preview clips from this week's episode to get you excited. So far this season, we've investigated climate change, police militarization, dangerous legal highs, and more. This week, we look at how our antibiotic-crazed culture is creating superbugs that could kill all many as 10 million people by 2050 according to some experts. A team of scientists are scouring the earth to find new natural sources of anti-bacterial compounds before it's too late.

Later in the episode we travel to Indonesia to see how the palm oil boom is wreaking havoc on Indonesian wildlife, indigenous populations, and our climate as a whole. Check out these exclusive clips above and then watch the full episode Friday night.

If you want to get involved or learn more about the threat to Indonesian rainforests, check out Forest Heroes, Forest Nature and Environment Aceh, Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Program, and Rainforest Action Network.

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