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You Can Now Legally Smoke Weed in Delaware

It's now the 18th state to decriminalize the personal use and possession of marijuana.
An artist's depiction of citizens partaking in their legal right to blaze in their homes. Photo courtesy of Darrin Harris Frisby/Drug Policy Alliance.

Weed rights activists rejoice today, as Delaware just became the 18th state to decriminalize the personal use and possession of marijuana, the Guardianreports. In six months, Delaware residents will be able to possess up to an ounce of weed and smoke it in the comfort of their own homes, without risking criminal charges.

If someone is caught blazing outside, they'll face a $100 ticket. That's a little steep, but it's a lot better than Delaware's previous law. Before Governor Jack Markell signed the bill decriminalizing weed, pot possession was punishable with up to six months in jail and over $1,000 in fines.

The Democrat-backed decriminalization bill passed through both the state's house and senate without a single Republican vote.

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