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Get 20% Off Everything on One of Our Favorite Sex Toy Sites

We've got an exclusive discount code for 20% off everything at Ella Paradis—it's last call on their summer sale on vibrators and way more.
August 10, 2021, 9:01pm
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Stupid-hot deals on all of our favorite stuff.

Wake up, dude—the lights are coming on, the chairs are getting flipped, and we’re officially closing down the bar of summer sex toy sales with last call on some of the hottest, most sought-after vibrators, cock rings, dildos, and more at Ella Paradis. Since the new COVID-19 variants are making hot vaxxed summer a little bit of a bust, it’s good to be prepared in case you have to take matters of the O-variety into your own hands. (Literally.) 


Lucky for you, your trusty steeds over at Rec Room have you covered. We buddied up with our very good friends at Ella Paradis and got you a lil' something-something to boost your sweaty spirits as summer winds down. Head over to the sex toy slinger’s site and get up to 20% off sitewide (!!!) with the exclusive discount code VICE20

Now pour on the lube, and let the Benjamins fly for these cult-favorite sex toys.

A top-rated rabbit vibe

It’s hard to find a rabbit vibrator that stimulates your clitoris without feeling like a battering ram, but the Better Love is made of a firm but soft silicone just for that purpose. It also has not one, but two motors and a vibrating G-spot head (le ticket for combined orgasms). 

Top-rated clitoral tap dancers

These both fit in our top five clitoral pleasers, for sure. The Tap Dancer uses a technology that mimics human touch (and jazz? cool) while the luxury sexual wellness company LELO makes a clitoral vibe with a pin-drop quiet motor and sonic wave pressure for targeting the clitoris with a near-sentient sensitivity. 

A luxury cock ring

This Better Love Poseidon vibrating cock ring is perfect for solo or partner play—it’s easy to use, USB-rechargeable, and has 10 vibrating modes. (Trident-shaped dildo not included.) 

The poster-child of moonlighting vibrators

Well, this just makes us nostalgic. We love the classics, and we would be remiss if we didn’t mention this storied P-pounder. It’s great for clitoral pleasure and shoulder blade pain alike. Plus, guests like Mom will be none the wiser when they see it chilling around the house. (Or will they?)


A heated penis sleeve

Up to 104 degrees of hot, lubed times for you and your peen. Summer is coming to an end, Brad, and this masturbator is closest you’ll get to gifting your member a cozy, horny sweater. 

If these aren’t doing it for you, we have something that might ring a… bell. Head on over to Ella Paradis and take 20% off everything with the code VICE20; we're sure there's something that tickles your fancy. Like, literally. 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story.