Monthly Horoscope: Cancer, May 2021

Welcome to Taurus season, dear Cancer!
May 1, 2021, 9:44pm
Taurus and Gemini
Robin Eisenberg

The sun is lighting up the sector of your chart that rules your social life, making it an exciting time to connect with people and groups and organizations that share your goals and passions. This is a wonderful moment for dreaming and wish making: What are your greatest hopes for the future? Taurus season is a fertile time for you to dream big, dear Cancer!

Revealing conversations take place on May 2 as messenger planet Mercury, currently in Taurus, connects with power planet Pluto in your opposite sign Capricorn. Information that was hidden may come to light. This is a powerful time to connect with your partners and learn more about what they think and feel! Also on this day, Venus in Taurus mingles with dreamy Neptune in fellow water sign Pisces, creating a wonderfully romantic atmosphere! The potential for deep, spiritual bonding is strong at this time.


Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius square off, and the sun clashes with Saturn in Aquarius on May 3, making it an exciting moment to share ideas, network, and make future plans. However, it’s crucial you don’t over-commit yourself and behave responsibly, or else you may run into many obstacles. Being measured and careful, especially with things other people are trusting you with (whether that means financial or emotional investments), is crucial at this time. Also on this day, Mercury enters Gemini, bringing a big shift in energy: You may feel more quiet, wanting to catch up on rest. A boost to your intuitive abilities could arrive, too!

Love and money planet Venus connects with Pluto on May 6, making it an exciting and passionate day to connect with your partners on a deep level. Venus is all about affection, and Pluto doesn’t do anything half way! Venus and Jupiter clash before Venus enters Gemini on May 8, so watch out for over-indulgence. As Venus changes signs, you may find yourself in a much more private mood. You don’t feel like flaunting your success, and aren’t in the mood for public displays of affection with your lover; you want to keep the things that are most valuable to you out of the public eye. 

The new moon in Taurus arrives on May 11, marking the beginning of a new cycle in your social life. Mars in your sign, Cancer, connects with Uranus in Taurus during this new moon, finding you connecting with unexpected and eccentric people! This is a great opportunity to connect with groups that share your hobbies and people who are passionate about the same causes you are.


Mercury mingles with Saturn on May 12, creating a solid energy for making future plans, and on May 13, the sun connects with Neptune and Jupiter enters Pisces, finding you having inspiring conversations and embarking on fantastic journeys—perhaps some travels or illuminating courses of study begin! Mercury begins its pre-retrogade shadow period on May 14, so take note of the topics that come up for discussion, as they will likely be reworked once the retrograde gets started.

The sun Pluto connect on May 17, possibly finding you connecting with VIPs…strong bonds are established at this time. Sweet Venus connects with serious Saturn on May 19: Saturn can be a difficult planet to work with, but with Venus’s charming touch, the energy could be quite supportive. It might be a good time to discuss future plans, especially if it involves a partner or your investing time, energy, or money.

A shift in energy takes places as the sun enters Gemini on May 20: This may find you eager to catch up on rest and quality time alone before your own birthday season comes around next month! Watch out for big egos on May 21 when the sun clashes with Jupiter, and be careful not to make assumptions or be swept up by paranoia—especially as Mercury clashes with Neptune on May 22, which bring confusion and misunderstandings. Take it slow and rest your busy mind.

Saturn retrograde begins on May 23, which may find you restructuring debts or rethinking how you organize things like taxes or shared resources. Reorganizing things is a big theme at the end of the month for you, especially with the lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26! An important project may culminate at this time, and a big change to your schedule or daily routine could take place. The way things were organized or set up in your day-to-day life will likely undergo a major transformation—things simply aren’t the same after an eclipse takes place!

Venus and Neptune square off on May 27, finding people in a sensitive mood, but the energy is more upbeat as Mercury and Venus meet on May 29, the same day Mercury begins its retrograde. Mercury retrogrades are famous for miscommunications and delays, but this one could find you feeling especially forgetful, mentally drained, or sleepy! Be sure to cut yourself plenty of slack and get some rest. Avoid taking on new projects, traveling, signing contracts, or making important purchases if you can. Keep your plans flexible, and don’t overwork yourself.

As frustrating as Mercury retrograde can be, the month ends on a harmonious note: Action planet Mars connects with dreamy Neptune on May 31, finding you connecting with inspiring people and perhaps even going on a fun adventure. Mars is all about action and productivity, and when it connects with Neptune, things just flow!

Good luck this month, Cancer, and see you in June!