Beyoncé's Ivy Park Adidas Line Is Sold Out, But Popeyes Is Here to Help

If you didn't score a coveted Ivy Park bodysuit or cap, Popeyes' new clothing line is full of maroon and orange options.
Bettina Makalintal
Brooklyn, US
Screenshots via Ivy Park and That Look From Popeyes

After the Popeyes chicken sandwich became the food story of 2019, we've gotta hand it to the fast food chain for actually getting it when it comes to the internet and pop culture. The same can't be said for every brand—like Planters, whose recent "death to Mr. Peanut" stunt I'm sure we can all agree has been extremely Dumb.

So, yet again taking advantage of the online zeitgeist, Popeyes is riding Beyoncé's coattails into an admittedly smart marketing campaign: a Popeyes clothing line that bears an extremely close resemblance to Beyoncé's now-sold out Ivy Park collection. If you couldn't get your hands on the recent release of the singer's Adidas collab, well, the That Look From Popeyes range will look similar enough in your Instagram shot, especially if you manage to cover the little Popeyes logo.


It makes sense for the brand to go this direction, and per CNBC, people on Twitter had pointed out the similarity between the maroon-and-orange colorway of Beyoncé's activewear line and the chicken chain's classic branding.

Displayed through shots that look pretty damn close to the Ivy Park promo photos, but with actual Popeyes' employees for models, That Look From Popeyes sells maroon and orange jackets and crewnecks, as well as the caps and visors of the Popeyes' uniform. One item has already sold out: the $20 Popeyes uniform crewneck T-shirt.

We regret to report that the Popeyes line does not currently include a jumpsuit, however.