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Here are some of the VICE true crime box sets you can watch for free if you head over to All 4.
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Killers, fraudsters, dealers, counterfeiters, robbers, hustlers, crooks, racketeers and traffickers operate in every city in the world. But because of the illegal and therefore covert nature of criminal activities, their operations are often shrouded in secrecy.

However, if you are looking for a window into that world, good news: we've got it all covered in our free All 4 box sets.


In what he describes as "his most personal project to date", Emmy-nominated actor Michael K. Williams (best known for his role playing the notorious stick-up man Omar in HBO's classic The Wire) embarks on a mission to understand the mechanics behind underground black markets and the sociological backdrop that allows them to flourish.

In the complex assignment, which took him from the US to the UK and South Africa, Williams examines underground economies involving illegal gambling, professional shoplifting and the sale of unlicensed weapons, among other nefarious activities. Rather than simply reporting on the illicit trades, he attempts to understand why they exist by connecting with individuals involved and drawing on his own struggles with social deprivation, addiction and crime.


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From 16-year-old kids running international multi-million dollar crack trafficking operations to everyday people making $30,000 a day forging snide bank notes, to drug dealers determined to make it in the LA porn scene, FINE YOUNG CRIMINALS tells the stories of some seriously misspent youth.

Focusing on "average American kids" who somehow end up embedding themselves in the criminal underworld, creating lucrative empires in the process, the box set says as much about smugglers, scammers and dealers as it does about the society that they operate within.

The FINE YOUNG CRIMINALS box set is coming to All 4 on 7th Feb.


Around 14 bank robberies take place in America every day, and they're not all committed by professional criminals. With an increasing disparity between the rich and the poor, escalating issues with addiction and increasing costs of medical care, ordinary members of Middle America are taking the extraordinary leap towards robbing a bank – with varying degrees of success and sophistication.

In this series, we take a look at the events that resulted in normal people – including lawyers, students, soldiers and teachers – thinking they had no other option but to rob a bank, the way they went about it and how they overcame the challenges they faced along the way.

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In 1988, an altercation took place in the backstage area of a professional wrestling event in Puerto Rico that left one athlete, known as Bruiser Brody, dead. In the weeks and years that followed – as police, journalists and wrestling fans attempted to disentangle fact from fiction – some light was shed upon wrestling subcultures which straddle the worlds of fantasy and reality.

In this hard-hitting six-part documentary, professional wrestlers recall the events surrounding some of the darker incidents (from murder and backstage controversy to mysterious and unsolved deaths) which took place in the golden era of professional wrestling. The series examines the explosive results that can arise when art, athleticism and violence transcends the ring.

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In one of the darkest crimes we’ve ever investigated, this five-part series explores the murky life of the Satan-worshiping suspected cannibal murderer Pazuzu Algarad. Presiding over a disenfranchised group of punks and nonconformists, he ran amok in the otherwise sleepy town of Clemmons, near Winston-Salem, for years.

In 2014, his wayward life came to a head: Pazuzu, and his girlfriend Amber Burch, were arrested and charged with murder following the discovery of two decaying bodies lying in shallow graves in his garden. Through interviews with his former followers, as well as associates and journalists who reported the case, we try to work out exactly how he managed to amass cult-like power and influence, and the horror that manifested as a result.

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