The Models From That Naked Photoshoot Will Be Kicked Out of Dubai

Those arrested had faced up to six months in jail under strict public decency laws, but instead they're just being deported.
The Models Who Took Part in That Naked Dubai Photoshoot Will Be Deported
Photo: Telegram

A group of people who took part in a naked photoshoot on the balcony of a highrise apartment in Dubai will be deported, authorities have said.

Footage and pictures went viral on Twitter and Telegram over the weekend showing more than a dozen women posing naked in broad daylight, despite strict local laws concerning public behaviour.

Under the legal code of the United Arab Emirates, which is based on Islamic law, public indecency is punishable with up to six months in prison, and foreign visitors have been convicted of lesser offences in the past.


But on Tuesday, Dubai’s attorney general Essam Issa Al Humaidan said that the entire group who took part in the photoshoot would be deported. “No further comment shall be made on this matter,” Dubai’s government media office tweeted.

Authorities have not identified those arrested, but they are believed to include up to 11 women from Ukraine and a Russian man, thought to be the organiser of the shoot.

“Dubai police warns against such unacceptable behaviours which do not reflect the values and ethics of the Emirati society,” police said on Saturday after carrying out the arrests.

Dubai has long been a popular destination for models and Instagram influencers, particularly during COVID-related travel restrictions.