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Streetwear for Dogs Is Out of Control and We Love It

A deep dive on the spiciest hoodies and leashes, and the best dog streetwear that says, “My other chew toy is a Supreme beanie.”
dogs wearing cool clothes

Streetwear is for the streets (at least, it started that way), so, by proxy and tradition, why shouldn’t streetwear be for our dogs—those who hit the streets the hardest? Such is the logic we’re using to justify our intrigue of Pupreme hoodies and prêt-à-porter “Cartiarf” dog bones, which all seem bananas, because they definitely are—but then again, that full-throttle energy and unleashed joy is what we loved about streetwear in the first place. This is a corner of fashion where there is room to play… so why not go fetch?


These days, "streetwear" isn't limited to Supreme bags or Rick Owens athleisurewear; The Brands have expanded to all kinds of new lines outside the walk-in closet. There are even streetwear candles, beckoning us to burn effigies of Air Force 1s in honor of Nelly, who will continue to sell us Lay’s Flamin’ Hot Chips, all while our furry friends nap in their four-legged jumpsuits atop high-design, mid-century mod pet furniture. This is where we are. 

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And after 13 or so high-key shitty pandemic months where we've been kept emotionally afloat by our pets, damn right we’re smashing that “buy now” button for an Bark-White raincoat for our terrier, and a flame leash that looks like it was designed by Guy Fieri. Dabbling thine paws in dog streetwear doesn’t have to feel like full A$AP Rocky cosplay (although, go for it). Some of the following ~pieces~ are more statement-making than others; a steel, Cuban chain leash and a Death Row bandana add a subtle touch of flair, while an Adidog jumpsuit says, “My other other chew toy is your JUUL. Now walk me to Aimé Leon Dore for a poo.” 


For the drip

Screen Shot 2021-04-05 at 2.12.25 PM.png

Photo: Fresh Pawz

For our streetwear layfolk and Virgil Abloh lovers alike, this Off-Off White raincoat is one of the chicest and more understated fits of the bunch for your pup. This is the rainy season, after all, and Fresh Pawz is one of thee coolest dog streetwear companies out there; the Black-owned pet accessories company (there are many!) is constantly doing cool collaborations we wish we could wear (TBH, nothing is stopping us from wearing their Spongebob Squarepants collab leashes).

Quotation Mark Rain Jacket, $40 at Fresh Pawz

For a workwear look

Alas, Carhartt WIP (Work In Pup) does not exist yet. But the long-loved brand of workers, rappers, and skaters alike does *see* you, and humbly offers up this “chore coat” for your dog whilst it walks or saws lumber. Pair it with a hunter orange Carharrt leash for a subtle pop of color.

$39.99$31.99 at Backcountry

$39.99$31.99 at Backcountry

Because your dog is an Adonis


Photo: Amazon

...and should glitter thusly, under the springtime sun. Aside from being practical (this chain leash will, ideally, last you forever), this most necessary accessory adds a touch of bling that’s perfect for dogs, cats, lizards, whatever. 

Stainless Steel Cuban Chain Leash with Genuine Leather Handle, $24.99 at Amazon

Ska kids, rejoice


Photo: Petco

This Fresh Pawz staple is usually sold out for obvious reasons: It has us feeling like it’s 1990-something, Tragic Kingdom just came out, AOL is on dial-up, and that we have multiple suspender options in our closets for matching this leash.  

Fresh Pawz Small Checkerboard Dog Leash, $25 at Petco

Stroll to Flavortown 

Flame Thrower Harness Fresh Pawz

Photo: Fresh Pawz

First, we turned our home into Flavortown with a selection of totally awesome Camaro-esque beds and frosted tip hair dye kits. Now, we’re taking Guy Fieri-core to the streets with this harness.

Flame Thrower H-Harness, $25 at Fresh Pawz

If your dog can also skate


Photo: Fresh Pawz

Here’s the plan: Learn a tandem skate routine with your Bichon Frise to some Diana Ross. Wear matching streetwear hoodies in homage to the OG-skate streetwear lords at Supreme. Bring the act to Venice Beach. Go viral. Die happy, or at least rich.  


Pupreme Hoody, $25 at Fresh Pawz

Light jacket season is nigh

hoodie dog

For those pups who still catch a chill during early spring (same), a casual hoodie is an indispensable transitional piece. 

Raglan Dog Hoodie, $60.83 at Etsy

Throw ‘em a bone

Chewy Vuitton

Photo: Amazon

Specifically, a Chewy Vuitton. Or perhaps a Cartiarf plushy bone, if you really want to sweep your Labrador off its paws. 

Dog Diggin Designs Runway Pup Collection Dog Toy, $14.99 at Amazon

Sporty Spice 

Fresh Pawz Jumpsuit

Photo: Fresh Pawz

You did not come here to play. You came here to ball. Ball, after all, is life.

Adidog Logo Jumpsuit, $15 at Fresh Pawz

Add a little knitwear


Photo: Amazon

We have never been this jealous of a dog before. Why the hell does this sweater look like the most comfortable sweater of them all? The texture, the breathable fit, the red and orange color combo—it’s honestly a year-round piece (and great for layering).

Fashion Letter Print Cozy Sweater, $24.29 at Amazon


You like the classics

Fresh Pawz Bandana

Photo: Fresh Pawz

As with most respectable pugs, your pug can bop to Drake—but goes to the grave for legendary 90s label Death Row. Icons only. 

Death Row Bandana, $12 at Fresh Pawz

This is your movie

Dog Leash Umberella

Photo: Chewy

Really stupid, and really perfect for the Gene Kelly, light drizzle dance number we’ve been practicing with our Greyhound in our favorite lucid dreams. Pair this one with the Off-White raincoat, and make it a reality.  

LesyPet Dog Umbrella with Leash, $15.99 at Chewy

Wishing you and your hypebeast a happy spring. 

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