The 'Outriders' Demo's Tone is Hard to Pin Down

The line between satire and edgelord is thinner than you may think.
Key Art for Outriders, three figures wearing robes, armor, and helmets made from bones, metal, and rock walk away from a purple-blue background
Image courtesy of Square Enix

Outriders, the upcoming third person shooter from devs People Can Fly, has a bit of a tone problem. Their world is inhabited by the sort of rough and tumble, gruff, and vulgar character’s you’d expect out of something between a Duke Nukem game and the latest Call of Duty. That in and of itself isn’t inherently bad, but there’s a thin line between over the top, farcical, vulgar comedy ala the Saints Row franchise and just uncomfortable edgelord humor. Outrider swings from moments where it seems like they may be aiming for farce, but ultimately end up landing on the edgelord side of that line too often. We discuss our takes on the Outriders demo, the new Pokemon announcements, and more on this episode of Waypoint Radio.


This transcript was edited for length and clarity.

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