Weekly Horoscope: November 16 - 22

Sagittarius season begins!
November 16, 2020, 3:01pm
Robin Eisenberg

After some tough weeks for relationships, we’re finally cut some slack. Love planet Venus clashes with generous Jupiter at 12:32 AM on Monday, November 16, and the two most positive planets are making it happen for us! Look out for overindulgence. This is good for fashion and aesthetics, but we can overlook important details for the sake of seeing things through rose-tinted glasses.

On Tuesday, November 17, Mercury faces off with Uranus for the third and final time this year at 3:07 AM and unexpected news and plot twists arrive! There were all sorts of surprises in October, and this is just another one. Think back to October 20 and October 7 for clues.

Commitments are made and things are set in stone as the sun gently connects with serious Saturn on Thursday, November 19, at 2:17 AM. Come to a fair agreement and make a lasting connection. Also on Thursday, love planet Venus clashes with Saturn at 6:28 AM: There can be feelings of loneliness and duty, but we’re taking our desires seriously. This encourages us to dial down our Jupiterian indulgences.

Venus enters Scorpio on Saturday, November 21, at 8:21 AM, the sign of its fall: The planet of love and beauty can’t do its normal job in this zodiacal moldy basement. Venus wants everything to come to it while Mars-ruled Scorpio is assertive and bold. Venus in Scorpio dresses like it’s Halloween year round.

Also on Saturday, the sun enters Sagittarius and Sagittarius season begins! Sagittarius is the sign of higher knowledge and exploration of all sorts. The answer to any question is “I don’t see why not.”

All times ET.


You have to be honest about how much you can fulfill other people’s expectations of you. Love planet Venus clashes with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, and you bite off more than you can chew. Luckily Venus also squares Saturn, so whatever you overestimated, you will find the limit soon after. You are understanding more about who can fund your goals as the sun gently connects with Saturn—a positive aspect for applying for scholarships or grants. The sun enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius, and things become more upbeat and optimistic rather than focused on the dark and the macabre. You’re looking out to sunnier horizons, ready to learn and explore more of the world around you, having gotten rid of dead weight.


You have a reputation for being stubborn, and this week is the time to live up to it. The temptation to over-commit and overdo things is there as your planetary ruler Venus clashes with jovial Jupiter. You have to think about your responsibilities as Venus also clashes with serious Saturn. Hopefully this helps you find a way to have it all and still wake up for your appointment in the morning! Your relationships have been taking unexpected twists and turns and you’ve been learning more surprising things about others Mercury has faced off with Uranus three times in the past few months. Venus enters your house of relationships, attracting more peace and beauty into this area of your life.


Try not to overwork yourself—as much as you might want to, you’re really doing the most to earn your keep as Venus clashes with Jupiter and Saturn. Your schedule is pretty unpredictable, still, as your planetary ruler Mercury faces off once more with Uranus, planet of the unexpected. Your relationships are changing, growing, and becoming more committed as you figure out what you value and what you cannot tolerate. Intimacy is deepened. If things are confusing or unpredictable (as they are bound to be right now, with all of this Uranian, destabilizing news), you get more grounding and honesty as the sun enters your house of relationships and interpersonal commitments, helping you understand the truth about others.


The romantic value that you learned from your childhood and your parents’ relationship are coming into play as love planet Venus clashes with Jupiter and Saturn. You are taking action to move past these inherited behaviors, as well as understanding how to create boundaries in your relationships that keep you feeling safe and protected. You are able to fully express what you need to hold onto in your partnerships—romantic or otherwise—as the sun gently connects with Saturn, helping to ground you in something real. Venus enters fellow water sign Scorpio, attracting love and beauty into your social affairs. The coming weeks will be a great time to get into a creative flow and express your desires.


There have been a lot of interesting twists and turns in your home and career over the past few months. This week Mercury opposes Uranus, the planet of surprises, for the third and final time this year, sending unexpected news your way. At least you’ll be able to make the most out of it, finding some sort of beauty in the chaos as sweet Venus enters your domestic sector, helping you make your home a cozy nest. The sun enters fellow fire sign Sagittarius and you’re finally ready to have some fun. You can make the most out of any situation. Connect with your socially distanced polycule and have a beautiful dinner party—set the table and buy some new candles.


Your planetary ruler Mercury faces off with Uranus, planet of the unexpected, one last time this year, bringing shake-ups and surprises to your neighborhood, and communication in general. You think you’re saying one thing, but someone is hearing or saying something radically different. Or you might be pleasantly surprised! The sun gently connects with Saturn, a great time to negotiate commitments with your friends and lovers, and to talk about your boundaries. Make plans with your colleagues to accomplish your goals. You’re able to tend to your private and home life with more energy as the sun enters your domestic sector, kicking off a cozy and restful (however, active in its own rite) month.


Your planetary ruler Venus clashes with Jupiter and Saturn! There is a generous energy flowing, but you’re confronting a fear of rejection, which can be heavy. You’re indulging, then quickly seeing the consequences and limits of it all. Venus leaves your sign, entering your house of finances and material resources and attracting beautiful things into your grip. This also finds you looking at the things you truly value, and figuring out what you’d rather give away to a friend. Sagittarius season is going to be busy as the sun lights up your communication sector—your phone will be ringing off the hook. Or maybe you can finally get to inbox zero, if you even think it’s worth it.


Mercury, the planet of communication, is back in your sign again! It faces off with Uranus, the planet of the unexpected for the third and final time this year, shaking up things in your relationships as you have to process other people’s idiosyncrasies and need for independence. Give people their alone time—you know you need yours, too. The sun gently connects with serious Saturn, helping you figure out how to communicate your own shortcomings and admit what you lack. Once you do this, you can figure out the things you want to attract your way, and easily plot world domination. Write out your goals! Venus enters your sign, a good time to show the world what you think looks best.


Your birthday starts Saturday, even if it’s three weeks from now, as the sun finally moves into your sign, Sagittarius! You can find any excuse to treat yourself, but look out for overspending on ridiculous luxury goods as Venus clashes with your planetary ruler, Jupiter. Restraint might be a little easier to practice as it also clashes with serious Saturn, helping you convince yourself that something very expensive is also a more sustainable option. You can figure out a payment plan if it’s really worth it to you. Venus, the planet of love and desires, moves into a secret and hidden sector of your chart, encouraging you to think about your subconscious desires and making it more fun to move mysteriously.


Exciting rewards for your self-discipline come your way as sweet Venus clashes with both your planetary ruler Saturn and generous Jupiter in your sign, Capricorn. You deserve to treat yourself, but try not to be too flashy. You don’t want to count your chickens before they hatch! Honest commitments to your groups are made as the sun gently connects with Saturn. Who do you want to link and build with? You might want to wait before you make major announcements; good things take time. You’re going to have more adoration for your friends as Venus enters your house of community, but you’re ready to be quiet and alone as the sun enters your house of sleep and solitude. Enjoy your popularity from a distance.


You want to be able to do whatever you want to do at work and at home. Your autonomy has been a theme of the past few months as messenger Mercury faced off with Uranus, the planet of the unconventional and unexpected, bringing unexpected turns to your doorstep. Shake-ups require you to be able to think independently and express this autonomy as well. You require a lot of extra room to get things done. Things are working out in your career as Venus clashes with your planetary ruler Saturn, but you’re trying to understand your values. A solid conversation takes place as the sun gently connects with Saturn. Venus enters your house of career, making you more attractive to bosses and the general public. Why not start a rumor about yourself to make yourself more mysterious and appealing?


There is a nervous, jittery energy as Mercury opposes Uranus—so try to limit your caffeine intake and help your nervous system as best you can! Limit your mental and sensual stimulation, too. You’re trying to get real about who helps you and who you want to share your goods with as Venus clashes with your planetary ruler, Jupiter. You’re extremely generous, and you like to provide your community anything that they need, but sometimes you need to make sure you’re asking for what you need in return, too. You will get it! Venus enters fellow water sign Scorpio, connecting you to your spiritual aesthetic. The coming weeks will find you happy to do more research and discovering new things.

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